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1 Million plastic bottles every minute 

1 Million plastic bottles every minute 

1 Million plastic bottles every minute 

The number is almost too big to comprehend, to put it in perspective every two minutes the world fills an Olympic sized swimming pool with plastic bottles. Every hour, we fill 30 Olympic sized swimming pools. That isn't even the scary part, in NZ only 22% of these bottles will be recycled. A huge 78% end up in our landfills and the environment. Yuck! That's not including all of the energy and precious resources it takes to MAKE plastic bottles.

We at LilyBee love the simple changes you can make to have a big impact. This week we want to highlight this simple change to make an astronomical impact.

So we introduce to you our very own LilyBee Stainless steel bottle. 

This stainless steel bottle keeps your water nice and cool through the day, so you can be sure you are always refreshed and hydrated. Super easy to clean to keep your water fresh. Why Stainless steel over other materials? Stainless is more durable than glass and plastic, both can easily break after a few unfortunate drops. Plastic, even the thicker reusable bottles, will start to chemically break down and leach into your water. 

Have a look at our new reusable water bottle here!

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