While zero waste (if such a thing exists in this world...) may be a little while off for most of us, we can all make steps to become more conscious of our environmental footprint and reduce waste in our everyday lives. A landfill site badly pollutes clean water and air, which has a negative effect on the health of humans, animals and marine life. Cutting down on waste can help make sure less trips to the landfill are made each year, and it can be easier than you think! No need to be overwhelmed, just make a start and try your best; our 5 top tips will help you to begin reducing your waste today.

  1. Know the recycling rules of your area

Different countries and states have their own recycling rules, but a little research goes a long way. Don’t get stressed with all the symbols and numbers – usually it is quite easy once you know what can and can’t be recycled. Make sure whatever you are recycling is clean and contains no trace of food – this can hamper your efforts and send the items straight to the landfill.

  1. Surf the web with Ecosia

Not strictly reducing waste, but offsetting carbon in such a simple way deems it worthy to enter our list. Ecosia plants trees with the profits of every internet search you make – so far they’ve planted over 60million trees! One of the simplest changes you can make in our opinion, head to www.ecosia.org to start making your internet searches count.

  1. Time of the month matters

Ladies this is one for you! There are tons of reasons to make the switch from single use tampons and sanitary pads, to resuable ones – but it makes our list for the waste you will save each month. Menstrual cups if looked after can last you up to 5 years! Plus, they are way more comfortable and better for your body. We love Hello Cup, so check them out at www.thehellocup.com.

  1. Clean smarter

Cut down on cleaning products by using at home recipes – better for your home and the environment. Did you know that vinegar and baking soda can solve most of your cleaning tasks? Both can be used in a multitude of ways to save you buying specific cleaners for specific jobs. Find a host of recipes online and we’ll be sharing our favourites soon so watch this space…

  1. Join eco groups for constant inspiration

New ideas and research get released on the daily in the sustainability world, so being part of a community can be a great way to keep you inspired and motivated to live a low waste lifestyle. We have our own group on Facebook – just search ‘All You Can Eco’ and there are many more out there!

- Words by Mea Perkins -

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