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Are You Slowing Down Enough?

Are You Slowing Down Enough?

Are You Slowing Down Enough?

Invite some stillness into your life to restore energy. 

Even as this year forced us all to slow down, we didn’t stop ‘doing’. Too often we make it a need to get-up and go, and we get into the trap of thinking 'being' isn't enough. We have to be doing and achieving, but as you know, there is perhaps nothing more satisfying than a Sunday morning lie-in to ease into the day. In fact self care moments and days are about living simply so let this be your reminder that you do not have to achieve anything in ordered to be accepted and loved. You are good enough the way you are!​ Here's our suggestions of small ways to slow down and appreciate stillness. All you need is a body, and perhaps a little peace and quiet.

DIGITAL DETOX - Don't get us wrong, technology is great! It helps us keep connected to love ones, and we have valuable information at our fingertips. But we all know it can become all-consuming when we are always connected, always reachable, always plugged in. Take some time to unplug each day. Turn your phone off and find somewhere you can relax. Studies show that time away from a mobile device can increase happiness levels. So use this time to relax in your garden, go for a walk, or journal. Start with just 30 minutes, and see how you go. Maybe this will turn into a digital free day or a phone free weekend.

TAKE A BREATH - A wonderfully simple way to find some stillness is to take 5 minutes to notice your breath. This is a form of meditation, but don't let that intimidate you. Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Try sitting and noticing your breath and how it moves in and out of your body, for 5 minutes. If 5 minutes feels too long, try 2! When you notice that your mind is wandering (and trust us, it will!), return your attention to your breath and keep going. Not only are you training your brain to be more mindful and focused by returning your focus to your breath over and over again. But you are also making an intentional choice to sit in stillness for a few minutes and inviting some slowness into your day.

WAKE UP EARLIER - The way you start your day, usually sets the tone for the rest of it. When it starts in a rush, often times this feeling sticks around and you feel rushed, frantic and behind for the rest of your day. A great way to learn how to slow down is by starting your day a little slower and more intentionally right from the beginning. Getting up 15 or 30 minutes earlier so you can start your day slower is a great and easy practice that everyone can do. When you wake up earlier, not only can you avoid rushing but you can also make time for the things in your morning routine that bring you joy, make you feel good and have a positive impact on the rest of your day.


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