Limb Loss Awareness Month - Bea's Bees

Limb Loss Awareness Month - Bea's Bees

Limb Loss Awareness Month - Bea's Bees

Hi everyone!

My name is Beatrix Anna Marikje Rose Pierard-Wuts. But people usually call me Bea. I have no feet which makes me an Amputee.

April is Limb Loss Awareness month and I am releasing a beeswax wrap and $3 from each one will be donated to a charity of my choice which will be RDA (Riding for the Disabled).

I have decided to choose RDA because it has talented, kind and comforting teachers who make disabled and different kids feel confident. I have an amazing teacher called Dionne and she has a really strong spirit.

Before I go I shall say a little something about the word “disabled”. I am saying this to all the amputee kids out there and all of the kids who are seen as disabled because of their difference and really all the kids who are not too, because everyone needs to know this.

The word Disabled does not mean the following: gross, weird or not normal. Girls and Boys you are NOT dis-abled. It might be harder to do loads of stuff but you can love, grow and live big lives, so do not think you can’t. You are unique, special and beautiful. PLEASE believe me! You are strong and you have been through so much. Strong and brave. Please hear my words I beg you!

XO Bea


  • Hi Be a my son has a missing hand which also makes him an amputee and sometimes things ate just tricky no matter how hard u try or how positive you can be nice to meet you and good luck with your find raising xx

    Debby on

  • Lovely words, Bea!! So inspiring to hear a young person encouraging others to live their best lives in such an intelligent way. Very best wishes to you for the future, you go girl! xx

    Karen Morris on

  • Thank you for always cute items.
    I’d like to order 30 pieces XL shingles.
    Do you have blue or green handle?
    Several I want.If there is, I want to ship immediately.I want to introduce you to the Ekorappu in the weekend of Roxas Park.
    I am sorry for asking you to do this on such short notice.

    Izumi shirai on

  • Hi Bea
    You are a wonderfully inspiring young person.
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    So happy to make this purchase and support your favourite charity.

    Liz Peehikuru on

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