Beyond Conscious Consumerism

Beyond Conscious Consumerism

Beyond Conscious Consumerism

The chances are if you are reading this, you are already a conscious consumer. You are already buying eco alternatives such as beeswax wraps to replace the plastic versions you grew up with, not knowing then what you know now. Sure, you’re not perfect (who is), but bit by bit and habit by habit, you’re doing your part for the planet and future generations. Making conscious, mindful, and kind decisions about where to spend your money makes a difference. The kinds of products we buy. The brands we choose to buy. The companies we choose to buy from. We control the power of the purse. And every purchase we make to a company that cares, is a small step in the right direction to changing the world. We always say this, and we really mean it! We don’t mind what beeswax wraps someone has – if they work well and stand the test of time, then great! We are one united front against plastic.

But there is more we can do. At the end of the day, whether buying sustainable or not, there are environmental impacts of every product that we bring into our homes. And there are other ways to change the world by taking the time, money and effort towards causes that really matter, rather than buying more things that perhaps we don’t really need…

Here’s other ways you can help change the world without adding to your basket!

  • Donate instead of buy! Help change makers create a lasting difference in an area you care about
  • Volunteer for a local organisation in your community. Give your time instead of your money.
  • Vote for politicians who support policies to keep our air and water clean
  • Call your local representative to demand initiatives that prevent and reduce waste in your community

And at LilyBee Wrap, how do we walk the talk?

  • We give back a % of our profits and fabric to charitable organisations every year
  • We are committed to supporting mums in the workplace
  • We have targets for community environmental activities such as quarterly beach clean ups
  • We strive to be zero waste, which means that we aim to use every scrap of material, and less than 10% of our overall waste ends up in landfills
  • We have end of life programs for our wraps through our wax refresher blocks

The best advice we have? Think twice about what you buy… and whether you need it at all. Those things that you do buy - choose companies that care. And most importantly, do the best you can and don’t worry about being the perfect environmentalist, because the truth is that none of us are. But together by taking small actions, we become a collective with a far reaching ripple effect – and there’s power in that.

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