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Between Fairy Tales & Normal

Between Fairy Tales & Normal

Between Fairy Tales & Normal

Just Another Magical Day

Our life mostly looks and feels like the picture above.  In fact, I posted that photo with the caption, "Just another magical day" on my personal facebook page and realised that is actually how I feel most of the time.  How did that happen?!  Our simple little life is full of magic.  You can often hear me saying to Miko, "Can you believe this is our life?!"  

But, what happens when it's not?  

We were recently at a friend's wedding here in the Hawke's Bay.  The entire day was filled with family, friends, yoga, love and celebration.  I cannot imagine a more loving our thoughtful celebration of two kindred souls.  To mark the occasion I decided to wear Mikos Grandmother's kimono that she made.  (It's gorgeous and super special to us)  It was the first big, public event we have taken our little one too and were a little nervous as to how he would fair...  He was an absolute dream.  Everything was so lovely I asked Miko to take a photo of the baby and me.  All sounds pretty picturesque?  Until you look at the photo.  We managed to capture his 5 seconds of crying through the whole event.  It looks like a huge debacle was going down in the photo.  It was also the only photo we managed to take that day.

But that is exactly why I love the photo.  In this crazy, beautiful, meaningful day it could have been seen as imperfection when in fact lent itself to its own perfection.  I smile every time I look at that photo, remembering the day, the moment, the joy and love swirling around us all and the absolute honesty of our baby in that moment and how that too can be celebrated.

So maybe that is why we have so much joy in our lives.  We are willing to celebrate the imperfections as well.  And when the imperfections feel too imperfect to be celebrated?  We have each other to lean on and support each other.  I figure everything in life is one big spiral.  You can be spiraling up or down.  Either way has its challenges.  Hopefully we keep celebrating.

It's also one of the reasons I love LilyBee.  It can be scrunched, used and abused and still celebrated.  You know you are using less plastic and no matter how tidy, or if you are like me, untidy it is wrapped it still looks gorgeous and keeps your food fresh in the "imperfection" of it all.

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