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Today's Truth

Today's Truth

Today's Truth

Diary of an accidental entrepreneur, Mama and once upon a time Yogini.

The calendar told me it was spring today. Spring in in the Southern Hemisphere. But when I look at the calendar my brain registers fall. All things pumpkin spice, Halloween costumes, watching the leaves change and everyone washing away the hot dust of summer for cooler months and warmer clothes.

But I have been in NZ long enough that even though my mind still rebels at the idea of September 1 being the start of spring, my body has almost adjusted and can be convinced that it’s true.

Spring is a tricky time in NZ. At the first hint of a warm day I am ready to pack away the winter clothes and store the firewood for next year and take some blankets off of the bed. This me attempting to play my part to help shuffle spring back into the world. I make this wordless pact with the weather and always find it one sided. Inevitably it’s a bumpy weather transition into spring. Filled with warm days with me peeling off the heavy layers, or I assume it’s much warmer out and regret not bringing a coat. It’s kind of an initiation back into warm weather.

Although this year on my many zoom calls I am reminded how other people are still stuck in their homes and how lucky we are to be in NZ. Family members ask me about the restrictions (or lack there of) as if it really cannot be true. Children are at school? You don’t wear as mask? I confirm that in Hawke’s Bay I use just an app and a little extra awareness. I watch people halfway around the world stuck inside and staring down the face of fall and winter. Numbers climbing and restrictions unending. Anxiety around returning to school and wondering who’s right in all of the screaming of the media.

In my 12 years in NZ this is the longest I have stayed in the country with no plans to leave. It’s a strange feeling but also a grounding one. Both Little Bee and I have benefited from this grounding and there’s been a noticeable and maybe inevitable growing of our roots here. It’s a nice feeling.

So this year I lean into Spring. I take delight in watching the leaves grow, the flowers on the peach tree at our gate seem significant. Like I can trust this and this is safe to anchor into. The natural rhythms of the world reassuring. Spring comes no matter if I am paying attention or willing it into being. Spring is here and the signals of the natural world tell me it’s so. Just like I have learned to anchor into my being I also learn I can trust this transition and all that nature is telling me.


I don’t look at the media for stability, others for answers, but instead I am anchoring into nature and my own body and knowing. This understanding is what the blooms of NZ spring have brought to me this year. When I stop and look at the peach tree blooms I marvel at the sense of security and peace they bring me this year.

No sense of urgency or rushing forward this year but I will be watching, absorbing and being present while I cheer them on in their natural rhythm and continue to honour mine.

- Stacia, LilyBee Wrap Founder & CEO 

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