Bee Bombs AKA Natural Firelighters - Pack of 12 (Egg Carton)

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No mess, just 100% success. Making a toxic free fire has never been so easy.

LilyBee Bee Bombs burn for 15 minutes with a flame large enough to easily light logs. For indoor and outdoor use, through summer and winter. A naturally good way to light your fire, or get that BBQ going!

  • Long lasting burn time – longer than traditional fire starters
  • 100% natural - no harmful chemicals 
  • Completely waterproof - light when wet
  • Safe for you and the environment
  • Great for camping & tramping - No crumbling guaranteed!
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor fires

Pack contains x 12 Bee Bombs in an egg carton

Instructions for use:

  1. Tear off one bee bomb and cup of egg carton
  2. Place in your appliance surrounded by kindling 
  3. Light the wick of your bee bomb, and watch it ignite 
  4. Once the fire is roaring, add firewood or charcoal 
  5. Feel good about your all-natural, non toxic fire!

Precautions: Always show caution when lighting a fire. Avoid handling bee bomb once lit. Do not light in your hand. Do not store near fire. Flammable product intended for the use of starting fires. Not intended for the use of burning hopes, dreams or your ex’s sweater....