Bamboo Cutlery Set + Travel Bag


You didn’t use a plastic spoon at breakfast, why make the downgrade come lunchtime?

Our cutlery is made out of incredibly sustainable bamboo. It is also way stronger than plastic so no embarrassing or annoying breaking while eating. Simply rinse your bamboo knife, fork and spoon after use and pop it back in the carry bag.  All set to go for next time!

Bamboo knife, fork and spoon set comes with washable carry pouch. 

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable material. The plant itself requires little water and care (no pesticides), and grows at a rapid rate as fast a 1 metre per day. It also removes Carbon dioxide from the air 35% faster than other trees. Not to mention how strong and sturdy it is.

As a planet we use around 160 billion pieces of plastic cutlery a year. These billions of pieces are used once, just once, to be thrown into landfill.

Take your cutlery everywhere you go without the worry of getting any food into your bag in the handy carry pouch. Not only does it look good and feel great to use, you can eat satisfied that there is one less bit of plastic going into the world.