Eco Straw 3 set - Bent - White Bag

$10.00 $14.00

LilyBee Stainless Steel Straws are here! Take your set with you on the go, so you never need to use a plastic one again.

Pack contains 3 x bent straws + a straw cleaner and handy travel bag!

Straight straws are 20 cm long and have 6 mm diameter. 

With over 500 million plastic straws used each day it’s enough to circle the globe 2.5 times. EVERYDAY! A frightening statistic that shocked us into action. It’s also something we can easily fix.

This set contains three straight straws - the perfect straw starter pack for all your sipping needs! Our cotton carry bag is perfect to take your stylish straws with you everywhere. Keep living your best, guilt free, toxic free, plastic free life!