Feeling Lucky?

Are you adventurous at heart and love to see what life brings you just for the excitement of it all? Or just love all LilyBee designs and can't choose? Then Lucky Dip for you! Choose a Lucky Dip Set of 3 or Single wrap and receive a surprise design from either our current collection, past bestsellers or sometimes an unpublished set. We love beauty and we will pair designs to look great together in your kitchen. Ready to roll the dice...?

Lucky Dip - Small Single


Lucky Dip - Medium Single


Lucky Dip - Large Single


Lucky Dip - XL Single


Lucky Dip - Set of 3


Lucky Dip - Sandwich Bag


Lucky Dip - Medium Snack Bag


Lucky Dip - Small Snack Bag


Organic Cotton Reusable Pleated Face Mask - Assorted Design