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LilyBee Wrap Subscriptions!
Our story started with our little family.  We were convinced that there must be other ways to store food, without the nasty plastic waste, the toxins and guilt.  Plastic hasn't actually been around for very long so we started researching what people did before plastic was discovered which lead us to try beeswax and cotton wraps.  we couldn't find any that worked the way we wanted and the recipes online we found didn't seal freshness in so we decided to create our own!  after painstaking trial and error and 3 months time, we finally had a wrap that works better than plastic, is better for the environment and is healthier for the whole family! Plus they are beautiful and smell divine.  These subscription packages will support you on your journey to reduce plastic waste, have a healthy family, and a happy life.
  • All natural ingredients - beeswax, organic coconut oil, tree resin and cotton
  • Perfect Freshness Seal - Keep food fresher for longer
  • Hand Made In NZ 
  • Safe And Healthy 
  • Reusable and cost efficient!
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