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Valentines BBQ Box
Valentines BBQ Box
Valentines BBQ Box

Valentines BBQ Box

$32.00 NZD

Show your partner some love this Valentines day, as well as the planet! We will plant a tree with TreeSisters for every box sold.

Gift box contains:

1 x LilyBee Bee Bombs (5 pack)

LilyBee Bee Bombs burn for up to 15 minutes - so chuck one or two under charcoal, to get the bbq going in no time. The best part? No more toxic fumes around your yummy food! Bee Bombs are 100% natural and 100% waterproof, so you can make a fire no matter the weather (or how soggy your bag got on your tramp!). 

1 x Stag Bag - Medium Snack Bag (Organic Cotton) 

Because cold BBQ food always tastes 10 times better the next day! Store leftovers the LilyBee way and enjoy for tomorrow’s lunch or a snack! Ore handmade bags are made from 100% organic cotton and our secret LilyBee beeswax recipe to ensure exceptional quality and durability, leaving you to use them over and over again.

1 x Pepper & Me Man Rub

This is a total taste sensation, a smokey BBQ seasoning with just enough spice that you can add to pretty much anything. Tastes just as good on veg as it does on meat. Rub it all over your meat before you BBQ it, or make the best potato wedges you've ever eaten! Flavours to delight the your valentine's taste buds.

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