Large Single Xmas Lucky Dip


Large Size Wrap: 33cm x 33cm

The Large single size is also ideal for covering big bowls, 1kg blocks of cheese, veg and much more! Great for in the fridge and out.

Our packaging is PEFC certified (produced from renewable sources). LilyBee Wrap is a natural, reusable and beautiful alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Made from cotton infused with our beeswax solution, it makes for an easy and fun step towards turning your good intentions into actions.

Simply use the warmth of your hands to activate the watertight seal, and wrap bowls, sandwiches and much more, keeping food fresh in the fridge and on the go. Great for in the fridge and out. Easy to clean. Wash with cool water and detergent then use again and again.

Our long-life guarantee gives you assurance your LilyBee will stand the test of time – 365 uses to be exact! Once it comes to the end of its life, simply add it to your home compost, or use as a natural fire-starter.

*** Note all our Wraps are hand crafted, so small variations may be found. ***