~How does LilyBee Wrap work?
People are often delighted by how well our wraps work.  Simply use the warmth of your hands to seal the wraps around sandwiches, half avocados, cheese,
bowl and anything else you can think of. 
~What are they made from?
We tried using just beeswax and recipes online much to our disappointment it didn't really work well, so we decided to create our own. (This took ages!) We begin with a base of 100% cotton and then apply a natural solution if beeswax, tree resin and coconut oil. So much nicer than plastic!

~How do I care for my LilyBee Wrap?
We suggest using cool water and a mild, natural dish soap. We dry ours on the dish rack or hang to dry until ready to use again.

~How long do they last?
Depending on care and use they last around six months to a year or more. We know kids who use them everyday in lunches for the past year and they are still going.

~How do I store them?
We keep our LilyBee Wraps in our utensils drawer and also have some rolled in a jar for easy access in the kitchen.

~Will my food taste like honey?
LilyBee Wraps smell divine! For the first few times you use them a slight honey taste may rub off on your food. To most people's disappointment this quickly fades.

~What size works best for sandwiches?
Medium works for most sandwiches, but for particularly large bread, or thick sandwiches we suggest the large.

~Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we happily ship internationally. Every country is different about what they let in but NZ has the strictest bio security in the world so most countries are happy to except natural products from NZ.