How does LilyBee Wrap work?
People are often delighted by how well our wraps work. Simply use the warmth of your hands to seal the wraps around sandwiches, half avocados, cheese, bowls, and anything else you can think of.

What are they made from?
Our wraps are made from 100% cotton with a natural solution of beeswax, tree resin, and organic coconut oil. So much nicer than plastic!  Most of our fabric is organic cotton, however, we still have some conventional cotton. We are working towards more sustainable options.

How do I clean my LilyBee Wrap?
We suggest rinsing wraps in warm water and an eco-friendly detergent. We like to dry ours on the dish rack or hang them to dry in the shade until ready to use again.

How long do they last? Are they reusable?
Our wraps are reusable, and depending on care, they last between 6-12 months or more. Think of how much plastic you'll save! 

How do I store them?

We keep our LilyBee Wraps in our utensils drawer and also have some rolled in a jar for easy access in the kitchen.

Will my food taste like honey?

Our wraps don't alter the taste of foods, however, when initially receiving the product you will be able to smell a very subtle beeswax aroma. Over time the smell of beeswax will diminish - much to our customers' disappointment!

What are the dimensions of the wraps?

We offer the following sizes:

XL: 42x42cm (best for bread and cheese)

Large: 33x33cm (great for sandwiches and wraps)

Medium: 26x33cm (use for smaller sandwiches and baking)

Small: 18x22cm (perfect for little baking bites)

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we happily ship internationally. Every country is different about what they let in, but NZ has the strictest biosecurity in the world so most countries are happy to accept natural products from NZ. Please enquire about any import duty/taxes that may be payable with your local authority.

How much is shipping?
Our shipping rates are based on weight. It is best to proceed to checkout with the items of choice to find out the rates for your region. We use multiple courier services to provide the best option available to our customers in terms of price and speed.

How long does it take for a package to be delivered?
We try to use the fastest delivery service possible so our Bee members can receive their wraps as soon as possible! Once sent, it takes 1-3 business days for the parcels to be delivered in New Zealand and up to 3 weeks for international deliveries. We send our parcels on the same or next working day.

Do you use plastic packaging?
Our packaging is 100% plastic free! LilyBee labels are made of kraft paper or jute twine. We also send parcels in brown paper envelopes or boxes.

Can I use my wrap with raw meat?
or hygienic reasons we don’t recommend using LilyBee Wraps for raw meat, as wraps cannot be washed with hot water.

Can I microwave food in LilyBee Wraps?
We don’t recommend putting your wraps in the microwave as the heat melts the wax solution and will change the consistency of the wrap.

Can I eat my wrap?
We recommend eating the food inside the wrap, not the wrap itself.

Are they suitable for tropical climate (35+ degrees)?
We have customers around the world in warm temperatures who have not had issues with the wraps. We recommend storing them in a dark, cool place or even in the fridge on really hot days. The thing to be wary of is leaving the wrap in a bag in the direct sunlight! This can cause it to melt and get sticky.
Do you do school fundraising or donations?
We celebrate anyone who is making their mark and working toward positive change.  Fundraising is an important part of a school community and helping get extra dollars for special projects.  We feel so passionately about supporting schools we created a special program to help schools and clubs with your fundraising.