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Made with natural ingredients and love

LilyBee Wrap

We believe in the good in people. We believe in the collective consciousness and how each choice we make as individuals effects the whole. We also believe in ease and beauty. There's power in that. Just like there is power in love.

Our Story

The easy-to-use and practical LilyBee Wrap makes the perfect alternative to plastic food wrap. Ideal for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, half avocados, fruit and veggies, and so much more in the fridge and lunch box. Simply wrap, wash and reuse again and again. We hand craft each of our wraps with natural materials, care, and the intention of bringing more joy and beauty to your family - all while you’re helping reduce the impact of plastic on our land and sea.


I love using these for covering everything! They work wonderfully and have such cool designs! I love being able to ditch the plastic wrap and not feel like I'm compromising the freshness of my food. Loved them so much that I bought another pack after my first try with them! Thank you for this wonderful product :)

Elesha Hamill

Have been using my new wraps in my kids' lunch boxes all week and they are excellent. No more cling wrap and Ziplock bags. The wraps are so pretty and keep their shape very well. And cleanup is as easy as running the tap. Thanks so much!

Heather Locke

My wraps arrived yesterday and I love them. They look beautiful, smell amazing and are brilliant to wrap food in. It's lovely to open the fridge and pantry and see things wrapped in beautiful patterns knowing you are doing good by the environment. I know I'll be ordering more soon for me and for gifts for friends and family. Love that they arrived in paper packaging too

Cara Randall-Hunt

Turn The Tide On Plastic

LilyBee sails around the world with dream team Turn The Tide On Plastic in the Volvo Ocean Race

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Journal of a Plastic Saving Superhero

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Limb Loss Awareness Month - Bea's Bees

Limb Loss Awareness Month - Bea's Bees

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