Care Instructions


Have the same confidence in our beeswax wrap quality that we do.

All our food wraps have a Longlife Guarantee of 365 days. That means if its cared for well it should last for a year or more!

If it doesn’t stand the test of time, despite looking after it, contact us and we’ll replace it for free!

How to care for your LilyBee Wrap:

  1. Wipe down or rinse with cool water after every use, with a little mild dish detergent
  2. Air dry on a dish rack or hang in the shade, then roll up to store in a jar or lay flat in a drawer
  3. Keep away from all heat including direct sunlight, hot water, the dishwasher and microwave!

Used and loved your wrap until the end of it life? 

Once the beeswax wrap is not able to be used anymore, you have have a few options!

  1. If the cotton fabric is still in tact and you adore your design, you can refresh your wrap with new wax solution yourself at home. Our wax blocks contain our LilyBee secret solution. See more here.
  2. Use your end of life LilyBee as a natural firelighter! Use it in fireplaces or in the bbq for a natural and easy way to start a fire. Don't have a fireplace? Gift your wraps to someone who does!
  3. All our wraps are 100% compostable, so add your end of life wrap to your home compost with your other organic waste to watch it break down.