Know Yourself.

Know Yourself.

Know Yourself.

It’s an odd thing to be asked for advice. It happens most often in business interviews I do for LilyBee. Often it’s in the vein of, if I had one piece of advice for someone getting into business what would it be?  That’s one of the easiest questions for me to answer because my advice for business is the same advice I have for life. 

Know yourself. 

Know yourself, and not in a topical way. But the core of who you are and let that guide you. (A bit of a tall order) Let your inner knowing guide your steps in both the little and the small and get good and being in that space. Make it normal and watch the magic of your life unfold. 

Sounds pretty great, right?  It’s actually awesome. It’s something I can forget from time to time but I always have access to it and I can always get back there. I made it a tangible thing in my life. Well, I was actually gifted a program in my early 20’s that helped me tap into this place and know it well. It has never failed me and most of the magic of my life I attribute to having this self knowledge and living in alignment. 

It has guided me through the loss of a husband, a move to NZ, starting LilyBee and having my little guy. Instead of glue I have magic that holds together my life. It’s what’s made the impossible, possible. 

While I have had lots of help along the way the keystone along the way has been self knowledge. Susan Clarke ran her course for over 30 wildly successful years and helped change hundreds of lives. So when she retired last year we chatted and she decided to gift the course to me. 

 Needless to say, I am honoured. There’s no one road map for a successful life. But their are tried and true tools that make accessing your own road map not only possible but fun!  We are big fans of big dreams and making them happen. 

 Over the last few months I have been wondering about the best way to share this beautiful gift from Susan (and was also a little nervous) and it kept circling back to our community here at LilyBee. 

 It feels kind of perfect. LilyBee has become so much more than saving plastic. Our community has grown and so have we. So offering tools that have served us so well is a pleasure. We are all about the LilyBee lifestyle and are inviting you along for the fun. 

 In just a few weeks I am offering the NZ ‘beta’ version of the course that changed my life. It’s the first time ever it’s been offered outside of the US and I could not be more delighted. Why a beta version?  It will be my trial run of being on the other side of the room. To facilitate is always different than being a student. So you get the same information for a fraction (like 25%) of the cost. 

The course will be limited to only 6-8 students (depending on the students) and 3 places are already taken. We are holding it on November 13-14 here in Hawke’s Bay. 

This is my own little passion project because I believe there can always be more good in the world and if everyone is living their best lives the world will be a better place. 

So if you are keen on accessing some of you own personal magic send us an email or checkout the website  Or just get in touch to find out more. This just might be one of those life defining moments that changes everything, just like it was for me. 

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