Plastic Free July And The End Of Pointless Plastic In Aotearoa

Plastic Free July And The End Of Pointless Plastic In Aotearoa

Plastic Free July And The End Of Pointless Plastic In Aotearoa


LilyBee is not only the coolest lifestyle choice you can make, but it’s soon to play an important role in supporting New Zealanders following the latest government announcement.

Over the weekend Labour Party Minister for the Environment David Parker made the announcement which will see a ban on some single use plastics. We will see a steady roll out between 2022-2025, so say goodbye to plastic ear buds, disposable cutlery, straws and PVC trays…..We’re not sure why disposable coffee cups and plastic wrap didn’t make this list but hopefully they’re phase two? 

This is all in steps to ensure New Zealand lives up to it’s clean green reputation. As one of the top 10 per capita producers of landfill waste in the world, we hate to say it but up until now, that reputation has mostly been down to good marketing.

Who remembers when we banned single use plastic bags in supermarkets? It was only 2019 but it feels like forever ago, changing habits feels like a daunting step until alternatives are provided and it’s mandatory! Take cotton buds for example, we have been using bamboo ones for years, initially an aesthetic driven choice, I’ll be honest, the only real difference being .80c at the checkout…someone has to pay a price and I’d rather it was me than the environment. 

These bans have been seen all over the world, so it’s nice to see us catching up, it’s a great stepping stone to a clean green future!

Once coined a modern miracle, plastic has now become our generations greatest environmental challenge,  it’s clogging up our water ways, overpopulation our oceans and having a devastating affect of humans at a cellular level, an affect I fear we won’t see entirely for generations to come.

While plastic has served us in terms of technological and medical advances, we don’t need the stuff in our tea bags and cups do we? 

We currently have such a linear relationship with plastic, short lived single use applications and it’s simply unsustainable. Thats why makes this collaboration between government, scientists, industry, us, and you so powerful.

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