We are big believers that it takes an of evolution to move into a more sustainable way of life.

Google 'Living Sustainably' and you're quickly thrust into a world of endless blog posts, showing a seemingly perfectly eco lives, filled with expensive organic clothing, Agee jars to fill a butlers pantry top to bottom and all the right household gadgets. It can feel unatainable.

A theme that had been running through my mind is step by step, piece by piece. The move towards sustainability has to be a gradual one, the integration of new objects into your routine needs to work for you and your family.

Our home peg collection is a perfect example of this, once upon a time I thought buying UV resistant pegs was the best option, to my disappointment they turned brittle and into dust.

Next were wooden pegs, after a winter (a considerably dry winter) the metal had rusted and was ruining our clothing, they were breaking and littering the back yard.

Finally we discovered stainless steel pegs, 100% rust resistant, strong durable, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

It wouldn't be sustainable to throw away perfectly good items only to replace them with shiny new eco products, you’re better of using something until near point of death first. Maximising it's life span, and learning along the way. 

Our top tips for moving towards sustainably are....

Be intentional, make a plan. What items in your house hold are near death and need to be replaced soon anyway, choose are more environmentally friendly version. 

What areas are you willing to compromise? For me this is something I have to think about a lot, with a mortgage and children I have to prioritise. Personally I started in the kitchen, I am more concerned about micro plastics and endocrine disrupters found in plastics than I am for example handmade organic clothing. The compromise here is I spend more money in the kitchen, and choose to shop for clothing in thrift stores, ultimately this comes down to my personal priorities when I think of income vs allocation of funds.

Once, my kitchen was more eco friendly I started to look at general household items (solar panels, good curtains to save on heating). Then our wardrobes.....Room by room, step by step.⠀⠀⠀




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