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Medium Sandwich Bag - Lucky Dip


For all those that love using their LilyBee's but can't live without their zip lock bags - this is for you! Our Sandwich Bags have been over 8 months in the making; testing and developing a product we are proud to share, with the same LilyBee quality you know and love. Our bags carry anything, including liquids! Your plastic free snacking solution. The LilyBee Snack Bags are ideal for snacks of all sizes, from popcorn, fruit and biscuits to nuts, seeds and crackers. Handmade from 100% organic cotton complete with our secret LilyBee beeswax recipe to ensure exceptional quality and durability. 

It's always exciting to have a surprise! We will choose a unique pattern for you out of our beautiful exclusive selection.


Medium Sandwich Bag: 15 x 17cm

How to use: It's easy! Just seal the bag using the flap and the warmth of your hands. 

Care instructions: Wipe down and wash with cool water after use, air dry and reuse again and again. Keep out of direct sunlight.  

 Pack Contains: one Medium Sandwich Bag   

Good Things To Know

What is Lilybee Wrap?

LilyBee Wraps and Bags are a natural, reusable and beautiful alternative to disposable plastic wrap and bags for food storage.

Made from cotton infused with our beeswax solution, Lilybee makes for an easy and fun step towards turning your good intentions into actions.

Lilybee also helps prevent food waste - because our wraps are breathable your food stays fresher for longer, protecting the planet and your wallet!

Bread keeps its crust while staying fresh and moist inside. Cheese stays fresh without dried out edges, and without sweating. Fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer without shrivelling or going soggy.


Just four: Cotton fabric, beeswax, coconut oil and tree resin.

Pure cotton fabrics are chosen for their quality and beautiful designs. Pure New Zealand beeswax is sourced from ethical beekeeping friends who we built relationships with during our 15 years as beekeepers.

Coconut oil is sourced from our neighbouring Pacific Island communities and refined here in New Zealand, and natural tree resin is also Pacific sourced.

Choose Your Packaging

We love reducing waste wherever we can, and not just plastic.  Your wraps can be individually banded, but if you’re buying just for yourself, you’re probably going to only read one of them, right?

On the other hand, if you're buying for gifts, you might want them to be individually banded.

Select how you want your wraps packaged, and help us save a few trees. If you don't specify, we will band each item, just in case.

Payment Options

We offer the following payment options for your convenience:



American Express



Bank deposit

Shop pay

Google pay

Apple pay


We ship worldwide from our home in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.

Please allow 2-3 days working days for us to pack your order pre-shipping. We aim to get your order out as soon as possible.

Delivery within New Zealand is generally 2-3 days urban once shipped, with rural around 5 days.

For our international customers we offer NZ Post and DHL services. International delivery varies depending on destination and service, from 3 working days to around 3 weeks.

How To Use Your Lilybee Wrap

LilyBee Wrap is a natural, reusable and beautiful alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. 

Cover bowls, wrap sandwiches and and much more, using the warmth of your hands to press the wrap or bag to seal, keeping food fresh in the fridge or out, and on the go.

Lilybee make great gifts - thoughtful, stylish, eco-friendly, and economical to post.

How To Care For Your LilyBee Wrap
  1. Avoid heat including hot water, the dishwasher and microwave! Let hot foods cool before wrapping them
  2. Wash with cool water and mild dish detergent after every use, and rinse well with cool water.
  3. Air dry on a dish rack or hang in the shade, then roll up to store in a jar or fold to lay flat in a drawer

With this simple care your wrap should easily last a year or more.

What Food Can I Use My Wraps On?

Actually it's much easer to define what NOT to use them for: raw meat. Meat juices need to be cleaned with hot water, and since the wraps can only be cleaned with cool water, we do not recommend this.

Wraps are wonderful for keeping half onions fresh, but the onion can leave a distinct odour, so we recommend keeping a specific wrap for this.

Will My Food Stay Fresh?

Yes! Beeswax Wraps provide moisture retaining protection that stops food drying out, but are also breathable, which prevents foods becoming soggy. Your food will retain both flavour and texture for much longer.

The wrap acts much like the skin of a fruit, which explains why fruits and vegetables stay so much fresher for longer in a wrap than in plastic or other packaging.

Bread keeps its crust while staying fresh and moist inside. Cheese stays fresh without dried out edges, and without sweating. Fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer without shriveling or going soggy.

Can I Use Beeswax Wraps In The Freezer?

While the wraps themselves do just fine in the freezer, they should only be used for very short-term freezer storage.

This is because the wraps are breathable, which means over time food stored in them could become freezer-burnt.

Better to keep your wraps for fridge storage.

How Long Will My Lilybee Last?

With regular use and normal care your Lilybee wraps and bags will easily last a year, but that's just the start!

We have many customers who have been using their Llybees for 3 years or more.

If your wraps do eventually become less sticky but the cotton fabric is still intact and you adore your design, you can refresh your wrap with new wax solution yourself at home. Our wax blocks contain our LilyBee secret solution. See more here.

Used And Loved Your Wrap Until The End Of Its Life?

When your beeswax wrap is finally worn out, you have have a few options!

  1. If the cotton fabric is still intact and you adore your design, you can refresh your wrap with new wax solution yourself at home. Our wax blocks contain our LilyBee secret solution. See more here.
  2. Use your end of life LilyBee as a natural firelighter! Use it in fireplaces or in the bbq for a natural and easy way to start a fire. Don't have a fireplace? Gift your wraps to someone who does!
  3. All our wraps are 100% compostable, so add your end of life wrap to your home compost with your other organic waste to watch it break down.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Elizabeth F. (Melbourne, AU)
Absolutely fabulous!

I use this to hold the sourdough bread rolls for my BnB. I looks wonderful, keeps the bread fresh for days and is easy to maintain.

Anne P. (New Plymouth, NZ)
Quails Nest Eatery New Plymouth

Hi We have a Walking Group stay in our Motel and we pack lunches using the Lily Bee Wrap. They loved the Sandwich bags and the Americans in the group do not have anything like this to purchase in America so they are going to make an order with you. We love your product. Kind Regards Quails Nest Eatery New Plymouth

Jean F. (Wellington, NZ)
Great for beans!

I collect my small supply of green beans into the sandwich bag. They store well in the fridge until I have enough for dinner. Also excellent for storing carrots in the fridge.

Michelle O. (Auckland, NZ)

Koru Fronds Sandwich Bag

Nicole P.
Super Happy!

I purchased multiple wraps and am over the moon with every one. They are the best quality I have come across and absolutely beautiful designs. All topped off by a lovely hand written note! :)