Hard Times

Hard Times

Hard Times

Behind the scenes of LilyBee

It can be scary owning your own business. Scary and overwhelming. Scary, overwhelming, and exhausting. I feel like the list could go on but you get the idea. We even have a vision board to help us through the times when it all feels like too much and we just want to throw in the towel. Yep, a vision board. It might sound silly but it helps. Usually it's times when we are the most stressed that we want to look at it the least, but that's usually when it can be the most helpful to keep us on track. 

Today happened to be one of those days. There are a lot of ups and downs in life. We are lucky that we have more ups than downs, but the downs can be really HARD sometimes. So after a long walk and talk we referred to our vision board. We added a few things that we would like to see and made our plan. It provides us information that helps us get clearer about our goals and what we want life to look like. 

It's the same with plastic. We get overwhelmed by the amount of plastic we see in our everyday lives and the plastic we hear about going into the environment. It feels completely out of our control and a problem much bigger than us. But, remembering the future we want for our Bubs and by making a plan, we know our family is making a difference. Just like when we decided to stop using plastic wrap and created a solution. We had no idea the ripple effect it would have on other NZ families. It's been an amazing ride and we know with the help of people like you taking those small plastic free steps we stay inspired and create a brighter future together.

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