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New Year

New Year

New Year

Are you ready for all 2018 has to offer?

Like a lot of people, we had a rollercoaster of a 2017.  It's been an amazingly wild ride with a new baby and budding business.  We have grown so much as a family (not to mention becoming a family) and as individuals.  

We have a little tradition that we started a few years ago.  Every New Year we both (Miko and I) pick a word for the year.  Sometimes it comes quickly and other times it takes a little more thought.  It has amazed us how each year reflects and is shaped by the word we choose.  So much so, some years we have looked back and wondered what we were thinking and chose what we hoped would be an 'easier' word for the following year, ha.

At the gentle suggestion of a beautiful friend and healer last year instead of a New Year's resolution we decided to set 'seeds of intention' for the year.  This simply entails taking a stock of what we would like to happen and then reviewing it every month to help keep us on track.  (Although being honest about what you truly want can be tricky)  Sometimes we refine our goals throughout the year and sometimes it serves as a little pep talk to keep us going.  It keeps us on track and moving in the same direction.

One of the best parts has been at the completion of the year when we look back to see what happened.  We put some big goals down on paper last year and were AMAZED at how many came to fruition.  Not least of all was spending quality time with our Little Bee and as a family and our dreams of making LilyBee a reality.  

This year we have already started dreaming for 2018.  We are pretty excited and so pleased you are on the ride of co-creation with us.  We are in the process of giving our website a little makeover and have been furiously packing to get some new designs up on our current site.  (Oh, and have you noticed our new logo?!  This is in just the first few weeks of 2018!) . We also have a few surprises up our sleeve this year to keep things interesting.  We hope you are as excited about the coming year as we are and are dreaming BIG with us.

Thank you for joining our LilyBee family on this journey and for helping the planet for us and future generations.  

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