Back to School

Back to School

Back to School

Ahh, the sweet summer memories

We love watching Kiwi families relish in the joys of Hawke's Bay summers.  (We love that we are one of those families!)  Summer here means plenty of time at the ocean, bike rides, waterfalls, summer fruit, and fresh veggies from the garden.  Summer seems to slip by faster than all the other seasons.

For some of you that means your little ones will be headed off to school soon.  (Our little bee is still too young for school).  Even though our Hawke's Bay days are still plenty hot, ready or not, NZ school is almost back in session!

Not to fret, we have your litter less and waste-free lunches covered.  Even if your school doesn't have a policy around waste reduction, you can do your part for the environment and your kids with our LilyBee Lunch Packs.  Kids get so excited about using the wraps that we've even heard rumours of them helping make their lunches. 

Some parents are worried that their children will throw away their LilyBee.  While this sometimes happens, but we have actually heard more stories of husbands running them under the hot water tap than children tossing them in the bin at school.

We have you covered there as well.  Order by midnight tonight and if your child loses or tosses their LilyBee in the bin within the next six months contact us and we will happily replace your LilyBee Lunch Pack for free!  How great is that?!  No school lunch is complete without its LilyBee. Don't delay, the offer stands until midnight tonight so get your order in quick!

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