Love Is In The Air!

Love Is In The Air!

Love Is In The Air!

There are all different ways to celebrate love.

There are as many ways to celebrate love as there are types of love and people in the world.  Love is the most universal emotion, and yet, the most personal and individual as well.

Almost a year ago today our Little Bee came into the world.  We were eagerly awaiting his arrival.  Birth seems to come in its own time and have its own rhythm.  Rarely have I experienced something that demands such surrender and total focus simultaneously. I suppose it is a lot like love requires and deserves.  It lends itself to a special kind of magic.

We were incredibly lucky to have a beautiful birth experience and Bubs decided to be born exactly at sunrise.  Miko was born on the full moon (on a beach in India no less, but that's a different story) and our little one chose to be born just as the full moon set and the sun peeked above to horizon.  Magic.  Of course, we didn't realise the details until after, as we were pretty consumed with the idea of becoming parents.  There was also a large fire that broke out very near our home just hours after he was born.  A few times that day we almost had to evacuate.  It all makes for an exciting birth story!  Although, all birth stories are excited as we are welcoming new life into the world.

Bubs also happened to be born just shy of Valentine's Day.  So while many of you may be celebrating in the traditional romance kind of way with flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners, our little trio will be reflecting on our personal earth-shattering and world-changing event that entered our lives a year ago.  I imagine most Valentine's Days to come for us will be swirled together with gratitude, love for each other, and reflecting on this miraculous event called parenting and family.  And we wouldn't have it any other way.

To help the romantic in you celebrate this Valentine's Day we created this "not too Valentines-y, so you can use it all year round" version of a lunch pack, XOXO.  Feeling the love but want something different?  Not to worry, we have choices a plenty for you as well! Enjoy your own little heartfelt holiday this Valentine's Day and celebrate love your unique way.

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