6 Ingenious Ways To Use Your LilyBee!

6 Ingenious Ways To Use Your LilyBee!

6 Ingenious Ways To Use Your LilyBee!

It would be easy to assume that our LilyBee wraps are only really used to wrap and cover food, but there are actually many other ways they can be used and once you hear about them, amazingly, your wraps will become an even more useful tool in your household! Our wonderful production team have all been using the wraps for as long as they have been working here, some for a couple of years now. In that time a myriad of uses for both the wraps and other LilyBee products have presented themselves! Here are a few ways that they are in use inside the private lives of the LilyBee team...


 A Snapshot from Putaanga

Working as a Freelance Photographer alongside her time at LilyBee , means that Putaanga is often on the road travelling between shoots.

She never leaves Hawke's Bay without her set of bamboo cutlery, keep cup,a bowl and wraps for toiletries that need to be stored in a way that keeps them from both leaking and drying out. An essential kit to keep in the car that caters to every “on the road” dining need!


Karla’s way

For Karla on a chilly morning, nothing beats a hot Lemon and honey tea in a tea infuser, it’s always nicer to have a drink from glass when you’re on the way to work.

On a trip Karla will keep her toothbrush wrapped in a LilyBee wrap to keep it clean and separated from everything else, and she never forgets her toothbrush. That’s obvious when you see Karla’s enormous smile!

At home there are suspiciously familiar patterns decorating the pots of Karla’s indoor plants... they’ve been wrapped in LilyBees, adding colour and warmth to the cosy décor. What a good idea!


Regulation tips from Rose

I would love to see inside Rose’s fridge! Rose has a tip that I had never thought of but now that I’ve heard it I HAVE to do it.

Because LilyBee wraps are not see through, Rose colour codes her wraps depending what’s in them.

For example, green colours for green vegetables, red for dairy, multicolours for leftovers etc.

This is a brilliant idea and not one that surprises us knowing how tidy Rose is!


Kezia’s crispy clues

It’s so disappointing  buying (or growing) a beautiful, big, crunchy bunch of celery and then opening the fridge the next day and it’s a sad, floppy mess.

Easy! Chop up the celery into sticks and wrap in a LilyBee wrap! Veges stay fresh and crisp for days in the wraps.

Another way Kezia uses them is for wrapping up pills to take when travelling so it isn’t necessary to take the whole lot on the journey.

(Go on! Colour code those toiletries!)


Invite Margot for a meal (hint hint)

Spring is such an exciting and wonderful time for those of us who love to garden. Also for those who don’t, but who just love to experience plants in all their seasons.

LilyBee wraps are perfect for wrapping up a freshly cut bunch of flowers and taking it to a favourite teacher or someone who needs a cheer up.

Margot uses her old wraps to line her raised gardens to keep down the weeds before pouring in soil!  Since the wraps are biodegradable this is a great way to re-purpose them.

When invited to dinner at a friends house, Margot will always cover her offering in a new wrap, just a little treat to leave behind. (At this point I’m wondering if an invite is being hinted at!)


An invitation to Megan’s Madness

Out Puketapu way is a farm. This farm has a couple of wacko dogs living on it, not to mention the humans! However it’s the dogs I’m interested in, they have a habit of chewing the pegs on Megan’s lawn and making a huge mess. Until LilyBee stainless steel pegs saved the day! The LilyBee Pegs are not chewable (unless you have iron teeth!) ... definitely not enjoyable for a dog.

The dog’s on the farm each have a pet child, it’s not always a good time to finish a lollipop to the end in one go, so the wraps are perfect for wrapping a half sucked lollipop to enjoy later on! (yuck! Dog’s have questionable standards)


I hope some of these tips have been enlightening, I know I’ll be trying some of these out, and we hope you do too!

It always helps to hear different ideas to get the most out of your LilyBee - and we love hearing new and different uses too! Write to us and let us know about how you use your LilyBee wraps!








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