Anything Goes - Set of 3


Introducing Anything Goes! Our new line of LilyBee Sets that add a little intrigue to life. This is one for those who don't take life too seriously and love surprises. Anything Goes Sets are all completely unique mismatched set where you'll find designs that don't match, but in their own right are complete treasures! We've picked some of our favourite single wraps to create these fun and quirky sets - where there will be something to please everyone in the family. We are purveyors of beauty so you can trust that each wrap will be one you'll love to look at in your fridge.

LilyBee Sizes:

- Large wrap: 33cm by 33cm. Perfect for 1kg blocks of cheese, larger veg like half a pumpkin and large or double sandwiches. 

- Medium wrap: 26cm by 33cm. Ideal for standard sandwiches, bowls, smaller blocks of cheese and cut fruit

- Small wrap: 18cm by 22cm (Great for snack sized foods, soft cheeses, small bits and pieces, this one always comes in handy!)

Feel free to be creative and think of fun ideas! Some people use LilyBee for gift wrapping, flowers, making origami snack bags and so much more. 

Pack Contains: one large, medium, and small LilyBee Wrap

LilyBee Wrap is a natural, reusable and beautiful alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Made from cotton infused with our beeswax solution, it makes for an easy and fun step towards turning your good intentions into actions. Simply use the warmth of your hands to activate the watertight seal, and wrap bowls, sandwiches and much more, keeping food fresh in the fridge and on the go. Great for in the fridge and out. Easy to clean. Wash with cool water and detergent then use again and again. Our longlife guarantee gives you assurance your LilyBee will stand the test of time – 365 uses to be exact! Once it comes to the end of its life, simply add it to your home compost, or use as a natural firestarter.