Leather and Wood Conditioner

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100% natural and food safe, our blend of beeswax and plant oils is perfect for bringing life back to both wood and leather, protecting and preserving them for years to come. 


We've carefully selected plant oils to work with our beeswax, to give you a low-odour, long-lasting conditioner.   This product has a very soft honey scent which will fade quickly in use.  The oils will not go off, and as our conditioner contains no water it will not dry out in the tin. 


Dee's Bees is Lilybee's sister brand, both owned and run by Kev and Dee Corbett, so you know  it's going to be good.   (Please note, 65 g tin pictured is no longer available, and has been replaced with the 50 gram option). 


To use:  Apply a thin layer to clean, dry leather or wood with a soft cloth.  Allow to penetrate, then buff to remove any excess.  Further layers can be applied if needed to bring items back to life, and occasional re-application will keep your wood and leather looking new for years.



Suitable for use on wooden bowls and utensils, cutting boards, butcher blocks, wooden furniture and more.


Wood takes a beating in daily use, especially in the kitchen with regular washing, which accelerates the wood drying out, becoming brittle and cracked.  Our leather and wood conditioner replaces the natural plant oils lost from the wood and adds a protective layer of beeswax to hold the oils in and restore the colour and beauty of your wood surfaces.   


Note that the oils cannot penetrate varnished surfaces, so a wood polish will be more suitable for those pieces. 



Suitable for use on leather clothing including motorcycle leathers, furniture and vehicle upholstery, footwear, saddlery and more. 


Leather dries out over time, losing its natural oils and becomes stiff and prone to cracking, which in turn allows moisture and bacteria into the leather.   The natural plant oils in our conditioner feed your leather, restoring softness and flexibility and preventing cracking, while the beeswax adds structure and a protective layer to preserve the leather and protect it from the elements. 


Note that restoring leather will often change its colour and darken it - the leather will have faded over time as it dried out and the colour will come back towards original. 

Do not use on suede or brushed finish leathers. 


Customer Reviews

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This is fabulous polish for handbags, shoes - even the door step! Highly recommend this and it smells amazing.


This was awesome! Conditioned my handbag and also my front door step.

Great stuff

Used it to water proof my hunting boots. Works a treat . You need to put a couple of coats on for a real good result and let it sink in

Thumbs up

I use this for conditioning my leather jacket and it works really well. Smells nice and is easy on the hands too.

Diane L.

I have an old house, lots of lovely Kauri doors and floors.
Used the Leather and Wood conditioner on the doors and they look fantastic .
Very happy with this product .
Also used on leather lounge suite and a great result.