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Fluted beeswax pillar candle


 Simple and understated, these fluted pillars are a beautiful accent to any space. 


9 cm tall, 4.5 cm wide.


Handmade from 100% pure New Zealand beeswax with a cotton wick. All of our candles are handmade, whether dipped, molded or rolled.  The colour of the wax will vary a little - that bit's down to the bees.   Each candle may also have minor variations - that bit's down to Dee & Kev.  While we aim to be as consistent as possible, we hope you will appreciate each candle for its unique handmade character.

100% Pure Beeswax  We use only 100% pure beeswax produced by New Zealand honeybees.    We purify and clean the wax ourselves, using only water, heat and time with repeated settlings and filtration.  We do not use any bleach or chemicals, and our beeswax retains its natural golden colour and warm honey scent.


Blooming Beautiful  Over time pure beeswax will develop a white dusting called “Bloom”.  This is a natural process which does not affect the burning of the candle.   If you prefer the bright yellow look, bloom can be polished off with a soft cloth, but it will return.   We think it’s a beautiful characteristic of pure beeswax, and really enhances and highlights the designs of our sculpted candles in particular.  Embrace the soft, antique-look of bloom as a hallmark of pure beeswax, just like a good patina on bronze or copper.


Made just for you  (well, sometimes)  We try to keep a few of all of our candles made and ready to be send, but at times of high demand your candles will be made specially for you, which might take a few days.  If your order is urgent, you may wish to give me a call to confirm timelines.

Bee Friendly  We were beekeepers before we were candle makers, and although we retired from beekeeping in 2021, we are still passionate about bee health.   We source our beeswax from beekeeping friends who we know put their bees first and operate in an ethical and sustainable manner.   “Cappings wax” is the freshest wax in the hive, used by the bees to “cap” honey stored in their honeycombs.   During honey extraction this thin layer of wax is sliced off so surplus honey can be spun out, and the honeycombs can then be returned to the bees.   The amount of wax taken with the cappings is only what the bees would discard as they eat the honey.


Pet Friendly and Allergy Friendly The sweet scent of our beeswax is completely natural, infused in the wax by the bees as they store honey in the combs.   Our pure beeswax candles use no essential oils or artificial or added fragrances.    


Burn Times and Drip Potential Whether you prefer a classic pillar shape or one of our ornate designs, all of our candles are made to be burned, and we take care to select the best wick for each candle.  Classic pillars and tapers with their smooth round shape are perfect for allowing the flame to consume all the wax, making them less likely to drip and will therefore have the longest burn time.  Asymmetric shapes and ornate designs will drip and be much more variable in their burn, so we usually do not attempt to estimate a burn time for these candles.   Please ensure all candles are burned on a base that can capture any leaked wax.  


Burning Instructions   Trim wick to 6 mm before each lighting.  Ensure candle is on a level surface in a proper holder.  To extinguish the candle without smoking, dip the wick into the wax pool and then stand it back up before the wax cools - this also primes the wick for easy relighting.


Safety  Always burn candle within sight and never leave unattended.  Keep away from draughts, children and pets.  Burn on a level, fireproof surface and keep away from flammable objects.


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David (Auckland, NZ)
Fluted candles

Lovely candles. They smell nice and burn well.